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The People Who Have Lost Their Life For Speaking the Truth

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I am on a timeline that I never imagined. It's a reality without major war, and for that I am happy, but it's not the specific reality that I chose myself. I am grateful that we are still moving forward. But if I could choose a version of reality, it would be a version where no person was ever murdered for trying to enlighten the masses...

Why We Won't Ever See Fema Camps

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Regarding people worrying about Fema camps: Let's try not worrying instead! 

Here's why:

The trick that has been used against us is the blatant use of negative images and negative fear mongering campaigns which attempt to subvert our collective consciousness, to get us focusing, in unison, as a collective, pooling our energy together collectively, in order to manifest a new timeline through the subjigation of our intellectual mind, and subconscious mind, steering us away from positive thinking, and giving us negative thought patterns. We must not allow this.