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The People Who Have Lost Their Life For Speaking the Truth

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I am on a timeline that I never imagined. It's a reality without major war, and for that I am happy, but it's not the specific reality that I chose myself. I am grateful that we are still moving forward. But if I could choose a version of reality, it would be a version where no person was ever murdered for trying to enlighten the masses...

I have had a minor issue lately when I talk to people. It's something that I may not understand, and maybe in the future my perspective on this will change. But I've spent my life researching time travel, and Human mind control. It's something I was put on this planet to research. I only know a fraction of what is going on in the world, I don't have any special "insider" knowledge. I'm just a regular person. But from what I know, our time has been manipulated in major ways by the use of technology.

Dan Burisch talks about it, explaining that we have created strange "time loops" by abusing alien "Looking Glass" technology to foretell the future, and as a result of the damage we have caused to the Space Time Continuum, nobody knows what will happen. Despite our best efforts, these time loops cannot be fully repaired.

Al Bielek, in his many public speeches, explained that all the way back in 1943 on the U.S.S. Eldridge, we created a massive distortion in hyperspace. We abused time technology in 1943, causing many timeline problems, which could be ongoing today.

These insiders say that we have created massive "timeline problems" that have been patched, over and over, and are not truly repairable, and so we will most likely experience many strange time anomalies as a result of the timeline damage that has occurred through our use of time travel technology.

What I find is that many "New Age" people choose to form definite conclusions about certain things, blaming all the events in the world on "natural" processes that occur through the use of our free will. I applaud the positivity of the views of spiritual people. But in their positivity they are ignoring massive, time altering events that have occurred on the 3D Earth and in the information field of Hyperspace its self.

It's not only Human consciousness which creates timelines, but also technology, and other races outside of Earth. There also exists, artificial intelligence, which controls and guides Earth as well. Artificial intelligence existing in hyperspace seems to be responsible for recycling the souls on this planet. Although my meager Human mind cannot understand how it works exactly. I suspect that this artificial intelligence "soul trap" technology exists in all the dimensions, is interdimensional, and is constantly monitoring the Earth grid, for souls leaving.

The highest level researchers are now revealing that this "soul trap" is real. But on the lower levels, we attribute things like "death" to a natural process that occurs naturally, and is governed by natural forces. Nothing about the death process is natural, at any part of the process. Human souls are too important not to be managed.

There are always intelligences, entities, and machines guiding the death process. The so called "natural" death process is one that is orchestrated on every level. Every person receives different guidance at the time of the death. Some people enter straight into a trap, using their own free will to give up their sovereignty. Others are helped by their ET guides. Others are helped by angelic guides who steer them away from the artificial intelligence "Soul Trap" technology. There are many different things that can happen when you die, and I am not exactly clear on the process myself because I cannot remember what it's like to die on Earth. I'm not so sure that I've went through the process before, and if I have, I don't remember it.

In my understanding and research, I cannot accept that huge timeline shifts, like the Mandela effect, are natural.


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I wrote this next part to illustrate how far off we are from a "good" timeline. We are not on a bad timeline, but we are not on the best timeline either. When people say they "shifted" on their own, using their own inner mind, to this timeline, using their own volition, I have to question whether or not they realize the amount of darkness that exists in this timeline. I do recognize that many people have the power to visit and to shift to other timelines. I myself don't have conscious control over it, but I know that people do claim to have this ability, and I don't discount their claims. But I do have trouble believing that the recent Mandela effect "time shift" that occurred was a natural process caused by natural intent. I say this because there is a tremendous amount of darkness here in this timeline. Since the very unnatural Mandela Effect shift at the beginning of 2017, I've seen more authors, speakers, and singers die, than ever before.

Ok, so here is a "natural shift" that we need to do. If we can "naturally shift" to a totally different incongruent, non-natural timeline as many people suggest, then we should all shift to a reality where:

Michael Jackson is alive, and speaking publicly about the dark forces who tried to kill him.

Robin Williams is alive. Kurt Cobain is alive, singing songs about waking up to the control system.

Bruce Lee is alive, talking about how the mind can overpower anything.

Paul Walker is alive, exuding compassion and kindness, brightening people's subconscious mind.

Doctor Emoto is still alive teaching people how to heal water by merely using their thoughts. His science changes all water production methods across the world.

Dolores is still alive, teaching people how to do instant healing.

The 7 dead doctors who discovered GcMAF are still alive, all diseases are curable through a simple injection.

Jim Mars is still alive, and he goes mainstream and is interviewed by 20/20 and the entire world decides to buy his books.

Max Spiers is alive, goes mainstream and tells people how many people have undergone mind control and don't even know it.

Phil Schneider is still alive, and teaching us about how there are "Tall Grey" alien races living underneath us, how he has seen them face to face, and how many Human groups work for them, building deep underground military bases. (DUMBS)

Stanley Meyer is still alive, and has been allowed to sell his fully functional water fuel car engine conversion kit that is able to convert any car on the planet to run on plain tap water.

Michael Talbot is still alive, and didn't die 1 year after publishing his book, "The Holographic Universe." He goes on to teach, and speak at all the major colleges in the world, completely changing physics and our understanding of reality.

John Bedini the amazing electrical inventor from Idaho is still alive, and teaches us how standard car batteries made from lead are actually free energy converters, and can power houses across the country without any need for an electrical power grid.

Wilhelm Reich the inventor of Orgone is still alive, and didn't die in jail, days before being released. His medical research into cancer cures go mainstream in the 1960's, and bacterial and viral diseases are a thing of the past, due to his release of Orgone technology to the public.

Dr. Rife, the inventor of the world's most powerful biological microscope, and a light wave frequency machine that could cure all known diseases, including cancer, is alive and well, and was not seriously threatened, driven to alcoholism and forced into hiding.

Tom Bennedict who could talk to crystals and who could read every person's past lives just by talking to them, is alive and well, and is traveling the world healing people by using his profound otherworldly psychic abilities, and ability to interactively speak to crystals.

Tupac is alive making very uplifting music about breaking out of the system.
Muhammad Ali's Parkinson’s disease was easily healed by a Shaman in Africa, Ali goes on to empower all the races in the world to respect their heritage and their history, which ends up bringing people together and actually ending racism by reducing jealousy and disrespect between races.

The Prodigy from "Mobb Deep" the hip-hop group, is still alive, and didn't die days after revealing his opinion that vaccine immunization is actually a form of population control.

Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and all the politicians and public leaders who had a message of hope and change, are alive and well, and the concept of someone being "taken out" because of their ideologies is unheard of in 2017.

Elvis and Jimmy Hendricks, and John Lennon are alive and well. They all speak of their interactions with aliens, and higher interdimensional entities who have given them guidance and helped them through hard times. John Lennon shows people the artifact, a metal egg, he was given by aliens who physically met with him one night.

Nikola Tesla lived another 25 years, and was able to help people in the 1950's and early 1960's, to begin producing free energy technology, instead of disappearing at 73 years old, being in perfect health, and having no witnesses to his death, where he supposedly "died" alone in his hotel room. He explains to the masses on public television in a live broadcast, how he has talked to beings from other worlds, and how they told us that our math is wrong, and everything is based on 3, 6 and 9. This changes science forever.

Bill Cooper the author of "Behold a Pale Horse" and the first "conspiracy speaker" is still alive, and continues his exposure of government documents and government secrets, and talks about his life as Navy captain, and how large silver anti-gravity ships came out of the ocean, not far from his boat, when he was on deck, in broad daylight. He becomes a high level military leader, and is given the highest honors and authority over the Navy. His leadership ends all secret alien-Human joint projects that are not for Humanity's benefit.

By the year 2017, those who are dark and survive by violating the free will of others, they can no longer withstand the uplifting loving vibrations surrounding the Earth. These dark people choose to leave, and are permanently banished as a result of Humanity's desire to live in a state of peace and harmony.

Earth enters a Golden Age that lasts for 500,000 years, until Earth Humans ascend into a form of light beings, who are known for their wisdom and incorruptible spirit.

This is the reality we should all be hoping to create!


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by Michael Talbot  (Author)

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Recommended YouTube videos to watch: Simon Parkes. His interviews, public speeches, and his bi-weekly show called, Connection Consciousness. (He is a reptilian, mantis, hollow-Earth Human hybrid, who speaks directly to the Mantis ET's who are 4th dimensional race, and are responsible for much of the genetic maintenance and other genetic programs on Earth. Their role is not exactly clear, but they are a neutral race who do offer help to Humanity, and have saved Simon's life during major accidents where he should have died. Simon explains very clearly that there is a soul trap around the Earth, and that our entire reincarnational process is monitored and controlled. We are controlled after we die, and before we enter back into a new body. The souls who are leaders in past lifetimes are given entry into powerful "royal bloodline" families on Earth. Psychic entities are able to scan for Starseeds trying to gain entry in Human bodies. Starseeds must be identified and monitored, due to their inherent psionic powers and intellectual capacity. The bottom line is: nothing is by accident. 

Stewart Swerdlow is a researcher who understands that many parts of the New Age movement are actually incorrect, and have been given to us incorrectly to steer us away from true empowerment. He explains that the Chakras are not spinning vertically, they spin horizontally around the body, but we are shown the wrong explanations in order to create "voids" in our field that entities can attach to, and enter into our body through. He explains how many company logos are hyperspace symbols which convey the same specific meaning (often a sexual meaning) to all the different races in the Universe, through the basic universel hyperspace coding. Hyperspace symbols are a shape, color and frequency. Our brain, using our right hemisphere, is able to create hyperspace symbols anytime that we use our imagination. This is how we communicate telepathically, and how we create reality through visualization. Visualizing something, and adding your emotional frequency to it, creates a hyperspace symbol, which forms a time field distortion, changing reality directly. This is because your imagination is linked to Source, and we live in a Universe that is an interactive simulation. When you use your imagination, you are sending a Hyperspace symbol, which is a space-time coordinate, directly to Source. Source then provides feedback by producing a new physical manifestation, in the form of a new timeline.