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Why We Won't Ever See Fema Camps

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Regarding people worrying about Fema camps: Let's try not worrying instead! 

Here's why:

The trick that has been used against us is the blatant use of negative images and negative fear mongering campaigns which attempt to subvert our collective consciousness, to get us focusing, in unison, as a collective, pooling our energy together collectively, in order to manifest a new timeline through the subjigation of our intellectual mind, and subconscious mind, steering us away from positive thinking, and giving us negative thought patterns. We must not allow this. 

As far as I know, there was a timeline created that did have "Martial Law" and used the Fema camps, starting around the year 2003, through to 2025, with most of the world's population being completely eliminated through a terrible series of world events. But guess what? If you are reading this message, you weren't part of that timeline.

Obviously we created our own version of the future which is a lot happier than the one forecasted by people in the 1990's, who fully expected the Fema camps to be used, and in their reality, they are experiencing the Fema camps right now. We have to remember that we are jumping timelines, billions of times per second, a little at a time, and if you maintain a positive path, you'll end up in a reality that could be far different than what was originally expected. I don't expect Fema camps to ever be used in my lifetime.

After seeing all the ways that we have survived, I no longer believe that the Human race here in this reality wants to experience those versions of reality. The message that the ET's are giving us right now is that we need to start consciously focusing each day on the future that we want, by visualizing in your mind, a future that you want. If we only hold images of what "they" show us in movies and on the news, then that is what we will create.

You must use your imagination to create an entirely new and magical reality in your mind's eye, and then feel the feeling and emotional energy associated with that imagined version of reality, and then you'll begin heading towards that reality. It's how our consciousness works to create reality, using the right brain hemisphere which is connected to Source.

Combining your intentions and visions with others makes a new timeline manifest even faster!