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How to Fix Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) with Sodium Chlorite (MMS Solution)

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I had always suffered from severe bouts of fatigue. In the last 5 years it grew increasingly worse. Waves of intense fatigue would nearly cripple me at work. After taking MMS drops for just 3 days, my Chronic Fatigue symptoms went away completely and have never returned. You'll want to read this. It will change your life, even if you don't suffer from chronic fatigue.

How I defeated my version of Chronic Fatigue:

Your fatigue could be quite different, and this may not work for you. Most versions of severe fatigue are caused by parasites. I am not a doctor, but I have read that most people have digestive parasites. I didn't believe it myself. Check out my article on using MMS to cure digestive parasites on this blog, under the Health and Healing section.

I have always suffered from severe bouts of fatigue. In the last 5 years it grew increasingly worse. Waves of intense fatigue would nearly cripple me at work. The fatigue would come and go, and I relied heavily on energy drinks and caffeine to simply function.

I think I found a solution that isn't medically approved or safe, but it worked for me. I used MMS drops, Protocol 1000, which is 18 drops of activated MMS drops in a jug of water (1000 milliliters). I drank the water every hour until it was gone, 100 milliliters at a time.

Typical MMS Liquid w/Citric Acid. Click the link to get the MMS Protocols book on Amazon.

This is a highly rated book on the basic MMS Protocols.

See the MMS Protocols Guide Book on Amazon: Click Here

After 3 days I felt mentally weird, but physically fine. I didn't sleep right for about 7 days afterwards. For weeks afterwards I had too much energy, and didn't seem to need to sleep much in order to feel refreshed. I didn't have any fatigue anymore after that. To put it simply, it was like a total body reset.

I went from being tired most of the time to having anxiety, and insomnia, and feeling like I couldn't touch caffeine ever again. After 7 days I returned to baseline, and I've never had a single wave of crippling physical fatigue come over me since.

Click on the book for Amazon Product Listing: http://amzn.to/2vXjuhc

The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. Paperback book, by Jim Humble (Author), Dr. Hector Remero & Dr. Tom Hesselink. 

I still suffer from symptoms of ADHD, and have random bouts of mental fatigue, but nothing even close to the shear physical exhaustion I used to get for no reason at random times in the past. I can now work all day without feeling my body getting suddenly weak and feeling like I need to lay down. To me, it's a miracle. I thought I was stuck feeling that way forever.

I suspect that I had a parasite and MMS treated it. I may have had multiple parasites. I have never taken anything in my life that kills parasites, and so I have probably been living for years with things in my digestive tract that didn't belong. I did not suspect that I had a parasite. In fact I took MMS because I like experimenting with vitamins and supplements, and I knew that I had nothing to lose. I didn't expect the results that I got, and now I am hoping to pass this information along to help the next person.

Jim Humble invented the name MMS which stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement. The word "miracle" isn't really something any government enterprise wants to see printed on anything, because the world we live in doesn't like miracles. Everything is supposed to cost a lot of money and be extremely difficult and according to science and medicine, there are no miracles. But drinking chlorine dioxide mixed with water does appear to be a miracle for some people.

To take MMS, you simply buy the liquid containing chlorine dioxide. The liquid is called sodium chlorite 28% solution. You then add citric acid drops to the sodium chlorite. When mixed, a reaction takes place and the sodium chlorite begins releasing chlorine dioxide (which is the active ingredient).

The water purification kits are sold so that you mix equal parts in a 50/50 ratio. One part sodium chlorite water solution, to one part citric acid, or hydrochloric acid, or acetic acid (vinegar).

Because the FDA doesn't approve MMS for the treatment of any health problems you have to buy MMS online. It’s not sold on Amazon, and it can only be sold for its FDA approved purpose: water purification. Therefore when you buy MMS online, it will be sold as water purification drops. That’s perfectly ok. You are buying something made to put into your drinking water. You will not take the drops directly as a medicine. You will purify drinking water, and you will then drink the purified water. So you are not breaking the law by purchasing and using water purification drops. Luckily, when consuming water that has been purified with a sufficient amount of chlorine dioxide, it also purifies the inside of our body.


I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. Everything written here, including the links to books and products is strictly for research purposes only. This is speculative research based on my own non-expert opinion.  The protocols described on this website, and in sources that I’ve linked to, are not considered medically safe. The FDA has set legal guidelines for the approved use of chlorine dioxide as water purification drops. These guidelines should be adhered to. Please do not take any actions before consulting a qualified medical doctor. This website is not for medical professionals, or doctors. For the sake of my own privacy, please do not print out this website and bring it to your doctor. I’m providing this information for researchers and non-professionals only.

With that said, consider the following:

According to the testimony of thousands of people, whose stories I've read about, and according to Jim Humble himself, MMS has been used for the treatment of cancer, parasites, skin problems, infections, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a host of other problems. Not all problems will respond to MMS, some viruses, like the flu or a common cold, may not respond to MMS. But many diseases that supposedly have "no cure" are able to be treated and healed using MMS. 

In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, but I think that every person in the world, including people in America, have been exposed to parasites, and should consider the use of MMS for cleansing their blood, and their intestines. In a speech by Bob Beck, a physicist who devoted the second half of his life to studying and inventing healing machines, he tells a story about working with a blood specialist. The blood specialist observed that Bob’s blood did not have any pathogens, it was totally clear. Bob had cured himself of all blood borne pathogens. The blood specialist was astounded because he explained that he had never seen a Human blood sample without foreign pathogens in it. Apparently it is very normal to have blood borne pathogens in our Human blood. Some blood parasites may be natural, but others could cause problems. The research on blood parasites is shaky at best, and so I’m only mentioning this information because it’s interesting. It may or may not be helpful. 

Keep in mind that many people reading this site might be protected starseeds, or abductees.  In that case, you may be “managed” with or without your conscious knowledge or consent, and you might have blood that has been professionally cleaned and maintained by higher technologies. However, if you aren't so lucky, and you’re a normal person, you might have to take responsibility for your own body. 

Being a Starseed myself, I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I grew up with colds and flus, and have had a host of irritating allergies and issues that I've had to solve on my own. For those of you like myself, I am hoping that my website will help you. Please contact me anytime by going to www.quantumrebuild.com/contact

What’s clear to me is that there is very little information about blood borne pathogens in the public domain. In America, I have never heard a doctor ask me about parasites, or recommend a parasite cleanse. I've never had a medical professional recommend that I stop eating gluten, or change my diet, or take vitamins to increase my health. Doctors are not experts in dietary nutrition and nutritional supplements. That is not their area of expertise, and so certain supplements can be of great assistance, despite not being commonly talked about by doctors. 

In Bob Beck’s case he lost over 100 pounds by removing his blood borne pathogens using a method that he developed himself. MMS wasn't known at the time that Bob Beck was speaking, but it likely would have been part of Bob’s health protocol had he knew about it.

So parasites might not be harming you. But if they are harming you, you might never know, because the symptoms of parasites can be completely unpredictable from one person to the next. 

As an example, I had a coworker who was experiencing sharp pain in his lower abdomen, around the bladder area. My coworker is young, healthy and strong, and never gets the flu or colds. He took MMS for 3 days and the sharp pain in his abdomen which had bothered him for months has completely vanished. It is likely that his pain was caused by some kind of parasite, although there is no way to know. MMS might also flush out certain toxins by oxidizing and destroying them. Strangely, my coworker also developed a black bruise in his lower sinus, on one side of his face, lasting only for 1 day. This bruising might indicate the die off of a foreign pathogen. He did not have any sinus problems, and we were both surprised to see the sinus detox symptoms. This is further evidence that we cannot predict when or where we will have parasites living in our body, because their symptoms can be unnoticed.

You may feel perfectly fine, but it's unlikely that you've escaped parasite exposure during the thousands of times you've taken a break to eat food or drink out of a spring, or a creek, or a mud puddle (I drank out of a mud puddle when I was a kid, and got a horrible stomach ache later!) It's likely that if you took MMS, you could reach an entirely new level of health that you never knew was possible. By getting rid of digestive parasites, which I am convinced everyone has in some form, you'll absorb minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and liquids, better than ever before. When the villia in your intestines are healthy, you absorb all the nutrients you need from food. This will heal your skin, your brain, your joints, and your immune system. Every area of your life will be improved.

Personally, I have more muscle, and less body fat than ever before. I seem to have more testosterone and seem to have only about 1/2 the appetite that I used to have. I used to be always hungry at work and after I'd eat, sometimes I'd feel very sleepy. Since my MMS detox regimen, which I did for just 3 days, I never feel sleepy after I eat. That's another thing that changed after taking MMS. I no longer have the bouts of CFS that would nearly cripple me at work. 

Since taking MMS, I seem to require less food, have no sugar cravings, and seem to be more physically muscular than I was 10 years ago. I had no idea that I had parasites. Not only did I cure my digestive parasites by taking MMS, but I killed something in my body that was causing CFS symptoms. There is no way to know if I cured a blood parasite or not because I have not had any blood work done, but the effect was immediate. After 3 days, I felt like a new person. I had boundless energy after that, and no indigestion. 

An Example of How MMS Changed Me:

Before taking MMS, when I would take the supplement called “Sam-E,” a natural amino acid, I would get extremely bad indigestion, to the point that I had trouble making it through a work day. My stomach would literally “freak out” when I took a Sam-E supplement. After taking MMS, the Sam-E had absolutely no effect on my stomach, and my stomach was solid. I was literally shocked by the difference. This change has been permanent.

I used to work out extremely hard, and it took a very long time to gain muscle. Now I am very muscular and athletic, and I haven't worked out at all. I had no idea my body could actually look like this without working out. I still cannot exactly explain what happened, but it's obvious that with vitamins, the MMS treatment, and with other methods I can teach you, it will transform your body. You do not need to cut down on sugar, or drastically change your diet. MMS will fix a lot of your food cravings. I know, because I've experienced it. I intend on listing many other things on this website, in order to help. But MMS is one of the most powerful supplements that I had the privilege of testing on myself and others.

Regarding Body Fat:

 One of the key reasons that people gain weight, is due to parasites. Parasites trigger the hormonal system in the body, and the chemical system in the body, to increase the appetite, in order to feed the parasites. Parasites also block nutrient absorption to your body, leading to more hunger, in an attempt to get sufficient nutrients to your body. Your appetite may become insatiable, as a result of parasites, which are triggering your body to crave food. Once you remove the parasites, you'll be absolutely astonished at how little you "want" to eat. You will actually start buying less food. I know I did.

You might not even know what it feels like to reach the next level, a level without parasites. It is a given that the digestive system and the blood are two of the most important parts of our immune system, obviously. MMS removes parasites from the blood and the intestines. It does this by turning into a gas when it enters the body. No pill can do this. 

By turning into a gas, the MMS goes everywhere in the body, killing the bad bacteria, and bad parasites, while selectively leaving behind the beneficial flora in the gut. Jim Humble explains that the cell wall structure on harmful bacteria in the body are easily destroyed. Surprisingly, most beneficial bacteria are not killed by MMS. Thus, Jim Humble explains that MMS is the perfect purifier for the digestive system because it automatically seeks out and destroys only the bad bacteria. 

Jim Humble's book contains exact instructions for treating various ailments using MMS. He will tell you exactly how you need to take MMS to treat various illnesses and or parasites. He has traveled all over the world treating people, and has a wealth of knowledge of parasites and other unusual illnesses. Jim Humble has seen things that ordinary people have not seen. His knowledge is well ahead of our time. 

Jim Humble also describes another form of MMS, called MMS2, which when combined with the original MMS, has even more efficacy. According to Jim Humble, the combination of MMS and MMS2 is even more powerful. 

This is an overview of the information you'll find in Jim Humble's book (see link below). I haven't been able to find accurate and complete information about MMS online. Getting the actual book is going to save you a lot time.

MMS will change your life! It certainly changed mine.

I'd recommend that you purchase this book on Amazon using the link below, because this information could literally save your life. I strongly advise you to purchase the paperback copy before it goes out of print. One of his other books has already gone out of print, and now it cost hundreds of dollars. I suspect this one will go out of print soon. There are only a few books that are "must have" books and this is one. You can click the link below to read the reviews on Amazon and purchase a copy.

Click on the book to see the Amazon product listing: http://amzn.to/2i084my

The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. Paperback book, by Jim Humble (Author), Dr. Hector Remero & Dr. Tom Hesselink.

Please add this site to your favorites, and check back. I have a lot more information that I will be posting. Leave a comment if you'd like. Thanks so much!