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Curing Digestive Parasites using Chlorine Drops (MMS)

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After much research, I have learned that even if you live in a clean city and eat processed food, you can still get parasites in your body, and these parasites are impossible to detect most of the time. Most commonly, parasites infect your stomach and intestines, but it's possible they can infect your blood too, for example Malaria is caused by a blood parasite. MMS (chlorine dioxide water purification drops) have been used by the Red Cross to treat Malaria.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) was invented by Jim Humble in the jungle, when he accidentally discovered a method of saving his friends lives. His friends and helpers had been bitten and infected by Malaria carrying mosquitoes. As a last resort, unable to quickly return to the city for medical treatment, Jim Humble had his friends drink a very weak chlorine dioxide compound called "Liquid Oxygen," a liquid intended to purify water in survival situations. Within 4 hours, his friends began to recover from their Malaria. 

The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. Paperback book, by Jim Humble (Author), Dr. Hector Remero & Dr. Tom Hesselink. You can take a look at the Amazon description for this book here: 


Keep in mind, Malaria has no known cure. MMS is not listed as a formal "cure" in the books. But Jim Humble will tell you, MMS does permanently kill Malaria parasites from the blood, which are responsible for causing Malaria. From that day forward Jim Humble knew that he has discovered a powerful new healing compound, and he knew he could cure Malaria. Over time he perfected his solution, and came up with an entirely new chemical mixture that works even better, on a more wide variety of ailments. 

MMS is simply Sodium Chlorite mixed with water and Citric Acid. The Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid (or hydrochloric acid) combine and react to form a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-pathogenic compound called Chlorine Dioxide, which works to kill Malaria parasites in the blood within 4 hours..

I had read on some websites that everybody has parasites. This always sounded stupid to me and it made me less interested in researching parasites. It seemed too fear mongering to be taken seriously. Clearly there are a lot of healthy people who don't appear to have parasites, so I think it might be foolish to make a blanket statement like this.

But after taking MMS and having an overnight change occur in my energy level, and after a lot of research into parasites, I realize they do play a very large role in our health. I've finally concluded that a lot of people probably do have parasites, regardless of where they live or what they eat. Read my story to see why I think this.

It is now my personal opinion that if you have severe skin rashes for no reason, it could be a digestive parasite. Or if you have severe fatigue, that too could be caused by a parasite.

The reason? Because we give cats and dogs "de-worming" medicine but we never take it for ourselves!? Why would a dog or cat get worms, but not Humans? We all touch the same stuff. Not all of us eat everything in sight like dogs, but I know most people will eat anything you put in front of them, regardless of where it came from.

Has every meal you've ever eaten in your entire life been free from parasites? What if you drank too much water with a meal once, or took ant-acids (Tums) and diluted your stomach acid. Without the right amount of strong hydrochloric acid in your stomach, the way nature intended, parasites might survive the digestion process. Everyone takes heart burn medication, this only serves to increase the chances of bad bacteria or parasites surviving in your stomach. I could be wrong, but this seems like basic science to me?

Joel Wallach the famed nutritionist mentions over and over how important it is to have strong pure stomach acid. He says even drinking carbonated soda pop with your meals will dillute your stomach acid to unacceptably low levels and damage your digestive process! You see, we take this stuff for granted.

We have become accustomed to thinking our dietary habits are safe, but maybe what everyone does isn't really safe. Just because everybody drinks a lot of water and soda with meals doesn't mean it's a good idea, on a digestive level.

We live a long time and we put a lot of weird things in our mouths over our lifetime. We swallow lake water, pool water, licks from our animals on the face, kisses, sharing drinks, touching public places, fast food, well water, etc....

However MMS is known to kill most digestive parasites easily, and after taking MMS, my energy level was roughly 4X times more than before. After much research, I have come to conclude that parasites may be a cause for severe chronic fatigue, and also skin rashes, including Gluten Intolerance.

If there is one thing I want you to remember by reading this article, it is this: MMS may permanently cure your food allergies, such as an allergy to gluten. I watched it cure a severe gluten allergy, in just 3 days.

A friend I know developed a severe gluten allergy. Ironically it occurred while she was working at a bagel store. First we thought it was caused by being around the gluten. We later learned that it was not caused by the gluten, but had become  worse by being around it daily. We cured her gluten allergy and she retained her job at the bagel store, without any allergic  reactions. The cure was done by her consuming 18 drops of MMS per day, for 3 days. 

Gluten allergies can actually be caused by digestive parasites. Parasites can cause damage to the lining of the intestines, and this can cause the intestines to respond with severe allergic reactions to food particles passing into the wounds. One parasite in particular comes from a cat. If you live with a cat, and if you have food allergies, you should continue reading.

Here is a little more background information about my friends gluten allergy, and how she cured it.

If my friend ate gluten, they would get a severe rash on their skin, starting within 6 hours after eating the gluten, and by the next day, their skin would be in terrible shape, with allergic lesions and redness. This happens to people who have developed a severe gluten allergy. 

I talked with my friend about her trying a 3 day MMS regimen, as a method of trying to heal her digestive system. I believed that if she took MMS for 3 days, her gluten allergy might go away. At the time this was just a hunch. My friend agreed and tried a 3 day MMS regimen. To our astonishment, her gluten allergy was permanently cured. It has been 2 years now, and she has not had a single bad reaction to gluten since the 3 day MMS treatment. 

What I learned is that a specific parasite in cat saliva can actually cause a severe "gluten allergy" in Humans who become infected with this parasite. MMS can cure this parasite. 

Cats can lick our mouth when we are sleeping, and we may not ever know. It's likely that most indoor cats have done this at some point. This isn't to say that cats will cause you to have a food allergy, but it is possible that a parasite from a cat can cause you to have excruciating, even life threatening gluten allergies. Parasites are all around us, but it's something that is rarely talked about. Taking MMS and killing parasites should be a primary focus before you try to heal anything on your body. Start first with a parasite cleanse. 

When we have a severe food allergy it causes severe inflammation in the body and in the intestines. When the intestines are irritated, they do not absorb nutrients and vitamins properly. This can lead to a cascading reaction, causing a systematic failure of the entire body, leading eventually to severe degenerative diseases, then death. 

The good news is that "death by food allergies" is not a fast process, and you'll see warning signs, years before anything bad happens to you. If you have a lot of flatulence, indigestion, stomach pain, heart burn, nausea, diarrhea, or foul smelling waste coming from your body on a regular basis, then you have digestive parasites. This isn't normal. Digestive ailments are not normal! Never accept this is as normal! 

Our digestive system is a series of machines. We have pumps, injector nozzles, membranes, and absorbent receptors that pick up vitamins and minerals. If any of the parts are infected with parasites, the machinery won't work properly. Our digestive system requires regular maintenance in the form of parasite cleanses. 

Keep that in mind. Don't just blindly accept that you are going to have permanent digestive problems. Digestive problems are temporary and are easily cured using a variety of methods. I am describing one method. Another method is Diatomaceous Earth, mixed with water and consumed in 4 heaping tablespoons daily. But you'll want to start with MMS drops, because I do believe this is the most powerful method, and it will kill the very small invisible parasites, not just the big ones.

MMS actually goes into the entire body, and crosses into the blood and kills blood parasites just as easily as it kills digestive parasites. It's a very powerful detox reaction when you take it. If you have suffered from long term illnesses that seem to have no cause, you may be surprised to find that it is related to a parasitic infection of the blood. 

 In the past, I had suffered from a really unsettled digestive system, and I would develop indigestion really easily. By taking 18 drops of MMS per day, for 3 days, I completely fixed my stomach issues, and also miraculously cured long standing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) that I hadn't intended on curing. My CFS was cured as a side effect of the MMS drops. Now I have deduced through basic research and logic, that one form of CFS is caused by parasites, either in the intestines, the blood, or somewhere in the body. There are an infinite number of possible parasites that can afflict the body. MMS seems to be capable of killing most of them. 

MMS will save your life. There is no other way to say it. I am not a doctor, and I cannot give any medical advice. But according to the testimony of others, the testimony of Jim Humble, and my own experiences, I think every person MUST learn more about MMS. 

I've provided a link for a book written by Jim Humble the inventor of MMS. This book could save your life, or save the life of loved ones. I don't say this lightly.

The Miracle Mineral Solution of the 21st Century. Paperback book, by Jim Humble (Author), Dr. Hector Remero & Dr. Tom Hesselink. You can take a look at the Amazon description for this book here: