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Why the Mandela Effect is Not a Natural Shift

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So right away, I want to make a comment. Everyone I've talked to who is a medium or a psychic, they have blamed the Mandela effect on a "natural intentional shift." It's truly disturbing that the people who are the most awake and aware are completely discounting the Mandela effect as a natural Quantum Jump.

This is kind of a rant, due to people being too casual, and accepting too many changes in our reality without alerting others to these changes. It is necessary to alert others to changes because then it gives people a pathway that they can take to wake up. The Mandela effect is a pathway that can allow people to wake up. By seeing reality change, physically, it can cause people great confusion and curiousity. Nothing seems to be waking up the masses, and the Mandela effect has the potential to wake people up who would otherwise be "stuck."

Because the Mandela effect could literally "shock" people into awakening to the greater spiritual and holographic nature of our reality, it is imperative to point out the Mandela effect to everyone that you know. The sooner we can get people to realize that our reality is not solid, the sooner we can instill curiousity in the masses who have lost all sense of wonder and curiousity.

Taking things for granted, and not recognizing the impact that it might have on others, and failing to share amazing information with the masses, is a failure on the part of Light workers and Starseeds.

So here is the problem:

I have never met a gifted psychic or healer who realizes and accepts that this last big Mandela effect (where our skeleton and organs, and location in the Milky Way galaxy changed overnight) is not a natural shift. The people who have the highest level of mental powers and healing abilities, are insisting that this is a "natural shift." They aren't even curious about why everything has changed, because they consider it normal.

I've been told now by at least 2 psychic mediums that we "shift all the time." Yes, we do shift all the time. Probably billions of times per second, as our subconscious mind generates a time-space coordinate and guides us onto the correct timeline, based on our programming and our free will right brain conscious intentions. We can even access the subconscious mind and we can shift our body and change it drastically, using very unnautral methods called "Theta" healing or Quantum Jumping. 

But even the most powerful natural reality shifting methods that are now known and available in the mainstream, cannot explain the Mandela effect.

Theta healing changes the body back to a healthy state, it doesn't change the body to a totally different species! Quantum Jumping brings you to a reality that is identical but only slightly different. Only some people have the natural ability to Quantum Jump. It's not something that most people can do, and less than 1% of people can just jump to a new timeline at will, consciously. 

The Mandela effect affected 10% or more of the population, all at the same exact time, with the same excact effect. This would seem to strongly indicate that it was not a natural process. Natural processes don't occur on a scale like this.

I am appalled by this explanation of the Mandela Effect being totally natural. No. It's not natural. This has been caused by external forces, that control realities and timelines. Some of us have been erased, but some haven't been erased. It's clear that they shifted the population, and they had to reprogram people's minds. Some people do not accept the new "updates." This reality is being completely manipulated by higher powers, and it's so obvious. You cannot rationalize it away, and I am disappointed in the Light Worker and Clairvoyant community for casually discounting the very large Mandela effect that most of us experienced in the last 1 year or so, as a "Natural Shift." This is something different. There are artificial shifts, and there are natural shifts.

When we do a natural "Quantum Jump" it creates an identical parallel timeline that has only small variations, based on the subconscious programming in our mind. There is no reason for product logos to change, the position of the Earth, and the entire Human body, etc. I mean, it's blatantly obvious that this is not a regular Quantum Jump. This was not a natural shift. 

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