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My List of Important New Age, Truth Seeker and Conspiracy People

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An important list of researchers that have tremendous knowledge, and an overview of their teachings. This is a list in progress. I will be updating it every week. I will be including information about important books, important YouTube channels, and documentaries. You can send me an email with suggestions for important sources that I should list on this page. Contact me by going to "Links" and send me an email, or leave a comment below.


1.) Simon Parkes

Contactee with critical information about our Earth control system. He is able to ask his questions directly to the 4th dimensional Mantis race. You can listen to him on Wolf Spirit Radio.

Recommended YouTube videos to watch: Simon Parkes' YouTube channel called: "Connecting Consciousness." Also, I suggest viewing all of his interviews, public seminars, and his bi-weekly show called, Connection Consciousness.

More about Simon Parkes:

(He is a reptilian, mantis, hollow-Earth Human hybrid, who speaks directly to the Mantis ET's who are 4th dimensional race, and are responsible for much of the genetic maintenance and other genetic programs on Earth. Simon was raised by the Mantis, not the reptilians, but admits that the reptilians did give him the choice to join them, which he refused.

Regarding the Mantis, their role is not exactly clear, but they are a neutral race who do offer help to Humanity, and have saved Simon's life during major accidents where he should have died. Simon explains very clearly that there is a soul trap around the Earth, and that our entire reincarnational process is monitored and controlled. We are controlled after we die, and before we enter back into a new body. The souls who are leaders in past lifetimes are given entry into powerful "royal bloodline" families on Earth. Psychic entities are able to scan for Starseeds trying to gain entry in Human bodies. Starseeds must be identified and monitored, due to their inherent psionic powers and intellectual capacity. The bottom line is: nothing is by accident.


2.) Stewart Swerdlow

Stewart Swerdlow is a researcher who understands that many parts of the New Age movement are actually incorrect, and have been given to us incorrectly to steer us away from true empowerment. He explains that the Chakras are not spinning vertically, they spin horizontally around the body, but we are shown the wrong explanations in order to create "voids" in our field that entities can attach to, and enter into our body through.

He explains how many company logos are hyperspace symbols which convey the same specific meaning (often a sexual meaning) to all the different races in the Universe, through the basic universal hyperspace coding. Hyperspace symbols are a shape, color and frequency.

Something that Stewart helped me to piece together:

Our brain, using our right hemisphere, is able to create hyperspace symbols anytime that we use our imagination. This is one way that we communicate telepathically, and how we create reality through visualization. Visualizing something, and adding your emotional frequency to it, creates a hyperspace symbol, which forms a time field distortion, changing reality directly.

Your right brain thought (imagination) is linked to Source, and we live in a Universe that is an interactive simulation. When you use your imagination, you are sending a hyperspace symbol, which is a space-time coordinate, directly to Source. Source then provides feedback by producing a new physical manifestation, in the form of a new timeline. Stewart is very advanced, and when he started speaking in the 1990's, he was 30 years ahead of his time.

Stewart Swerdlow correctly points out that our true Human history is not the classic and incomplete AnnunakI story, where monkeys were turned into gold mining slaves. According to Swerdlow who was given information while working inside the Montauk project, our ture Human history involves a politically motivated hybridization program that occured between Lyran Humans and Draco reptilians, which resulted in this version of Homo-sapien-sapien. We have a reptilian brain as a result of the hybridization between Humans and reptilians, which resulted in an unusual new Human species. Today we are an unpredictable race, impulsive, easily mind controlled, and very violent, mostly because of our reptilian brain. But it's very important to note that the reason we were hybridized with the reptilian races, according to Swerdlow (and Len Casten and Robert Morningsky) is that a treaty was reached to end wars between the Humans the Draco reptilians. This agreement involved creating a totally new Human-reptilian hybrid race on Earth, as a means of ending unnecessary fights over Earth territory.

It takes a lot of time to try to explain how important these people are, and so I will be updating this list more as I have time. Please check back soon, and leave comments below if you'd like to add comments or corrections to my information. Thank you!