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Eceti Ranch and How it Kicked My Ass

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Eceti Ranch, located in Trout Lake, WA, is a known vortex energy point. James Gililand is the curator of the land, and manages a "UFO" ranch located on the property. James Gililand told everyone on their first day that the land would cause a lot of sadness, and emotional trauma to come up. He warned that the land can cause "a lot of stuff to come up." Initially I was very skeptical, because I felt a good deal of excitement on the 1st day. By the 2nd day, I completely fell apart. James was right. If James gives you a warning about something, I'd suggest trusting him. Read on, to hear the rest of this experience

While at Eceti, I started off fine. But by the 2nd day I had an emotional breakdown, feeling a deep sense of hopelessness and I couldn't stop the sadness, and tears, from pouring out of me. I could barely attend the classes there at the time with Laura Eisenhower. It was a traumatic experience being there.

I cannot say for certain if it was merely a coincidence, but I felt truly devastated being there, and the experience was not enjoyable at all. I'd be happy to go there again, but I will need to be far more prepared this time. I would strongly suggest not going there if you are in the middle of a difficult relationship or experiencing any "raw" unresolved emotions.

In my case I had a reason to be sad, and I was not in a good place mentally. Do not bring a partner with you, unless they are completely on your level, and totally connected, otherwise the friction and distance between you will be amplified, as it was for me. Not only will you feel more sensitive, but the inner conflicts between you and your partner will be amplified dramatically. This can lead to a catastrophic breakdown in your relationship, along with a catastrophic emotional breakdown. It can be impossible to maintain your sanity when subjected to this specific type of accelerated destruction.

Eceti ranch will cause accelerations, and if you aren't prepared for that, it can be very difficult. I did not see others having emotional breakdowns, so I can only speak from my own experience. However, I would heed James' warnings. It would be foolhardy to ignore his word of caution. I would not have believed that such acceleration was possible until I experienced it firsthand. I'm hoping that by publishing my story, you will be more prepared when you make your first trip to Eceit. Do not make the mistake of being ill prepared. In order to visit Eceti ranch, you need to be emotionally healed, before you go. If you have significant damage that you haven't taken the time to heal, you may have a catastrophic emotional breakdown, starting on the 2nd or 3rd day of your trip. The reason I am issuing this warning is because I did not heal from the experience. When you try to heal the body and mind too fast, it can cause secondary reactions, which are worse than the original problem.

For me personally, I experienced more trauma in 3 days of visiting Eceti than I ever had before in the last few years. It was too much, too fast. I could not reconcile the trauma, and it did not lead to any healing. If I had elected to be more prepared, and if I had gone alone, without any "raw" emotional wounds present in my heart and soul, I think I would have been able to integrate the accelerated energy without a problem.

I believe that the energy surrounding Eceti Ranch can destroy a relationship between you and a romantic partner, if the relationship is not built on an authentic connection. Eceit was the most exciting, but also the most emotionally traumatizing experience I've ever had. I did not experience any healing whatsoever. At least not that I am aware of!

For me personally, Eceti caused lasting trauma that I don't think I've fully released yet. The trauma of feeling the accelerated energy was something I'll never forget. The experience was harsh, and unrealistically potent. I hadn't envisioned that level of sadness occurring in my mind, and the lack of preparation made it significantly worse.

Let this be a warning to you. The land is not harmful. The land is powerful. It will accelerate anything you haven't healed. It may heal wounds, and it will. But you need to be ready to heal, and be prepared for the detox reaction that occurs when you are forced to review and feel all of your suppressed emotions. Whatever you've pushed down, it will begin to come up on the 2nd or 3rd day of being at the Eceti Ranch. For you this could mean that you begin feeling empowered and much happier with your identity, and your purpose in the world. Or it could be a sense of deep sadness, and devastation, as it was for me. The land is neutral, but it will bring up your hidden emotions, and force you to live in truth. If you are not living in truth, it will find the truth for you. If you are searching for meaning, you may find that meaning at Eceti.

According to Barry Littleton, he said that beyond the 3rd day, many people cannot stay at Eceti Ranch. The energy is too intense, and it will cause too much inner conflict.

For those of you who are able to visit Eceti Ranch, I would suggest starting trying to prepare yourself emotionally, so that you are in a very happy place. You need to make yourself happy, and try to find emotional balance, before you visit the Eceti Ranch land, in Trout Lake, WA.

Beyond the inner work, I'd suggest purchasing and wearing a Moldavite alien stone, in order to facilitate healing of the hidden trauma. Do this before you go to Eceti. Moldavite is a tektie, not a crystal. It comes from another world, and contains an alien consciousness that helps to remove trauma from your life. Moldavite isn't soft and gentle; it is just like the Eceti ranch. It will force rapid change, and will destroy anything that stands in your way to true happiness. You may think that you need something, but Moldavite will remove and destroy anything and everything that is not necessary for your happiness. Moldavite knows what you want. It reads your soul and your subconscious thoughts, and begins helping you to restructure your life accordingly. Moldavite is not for the faint of Heart! It will put your through hell and back if that is what is required to get you on the "correct" life path, the one that is authentic, and true to your higher self.

If you can survive and heal from the Moldavite, then you can be very prepared for Eceti. In my own case, I have worn Moldavite for a year now. In that year, my entire life was destroyed. I find myself stripped away from everything that wasn't serving me, and I find myself writing this blog, feeling more of a sense of purpose than ever before, feeling completely aligned with my true life path, for the first time in my life.

I'm not convinced that all of the changes that have occurred to me are a result of Moldavite, because there is no way to prove this, scientifically. But it does seem like an awfully large coincidence. When I bought my Moldavite, my life began changing very quickly. Eventually my life began breaking down, and I ended up alone, out in country, completely isolated from people. Here I am typing. If I hadn't had everything ripped out from under my feet, I'd still be stuck, feeling too afraid to make any drastic changes. I suspect that Moldavite made the changes for me.

If you can survive 3 months of wearing a Moldavite on your person, then you can be ready for Eceti.

I'd love to hear your Eceti experiences, and your Moldavite experiences. Comment below, or send me an email by going to the "Links" icon.