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Corey Goode and David Wilcock Deserve Our Respect

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Corey Goode and David Wilock have a show together on Gaia TV at Gaia.com. This is the only show in the world that has ever attempted to release all the information about our world without being censored. The show has reached a fever pitch lately, mostly with strange people coming out in droves to lash out and criticize the show, calling David and Corey liars, and frauds. It's sick how we have stooped so low. 

As a post to all the members on Gaia, and in response to a negative comment criticizing the validity of Corey's narrative, I wrote the following:

I wanted to point out, you have determined that Corey's entire story must all be false, for no apparent reason, other than a "feeling."

You have to corroborate the data, and try to figure this out without using the "program" to filter your beliefs. We all have a program in our mind that filters our perception, and in order to get to the real truth, we have to "disable" this program temporarily while we are trying to learn. 

Don't trust the "knee jerk" reaction that causes us to be dissuaded away from very important information.

Do we want to keep maintaining this version of reality, which is nothing more than a Human prison? We have to think and act differently, and that is the entire message behind everything Corey has ever said. It's not that complicated. Discrediting everything he says because of our own skepticism is the lowest level of Human behavior. The behavior we have today is creating a sick world. There could be nothing worse than millions of people dieing everyday for no real reason. 

Research "missing kids in National Parks." Research "missing children." It's not the world we think it is. People who are awake don't ever completely discredit a person for no reason, without trying to validate the information in books and careful research, first. Al Bielek, in his very important 5 hour dissertation available on YouTube, said that 9 out of 10 Humans are taken without their knowledge, to underground facilities, and programmed. This was stated in the early 1990's. Stewart Swerdlow confirms this. The only part of Corey Goode's story that can't be easily corroborated is his information about the "Blue Avians." 

If parts of his story cannot be corroborated, than they are not facts. But that doesn't mean the man himself is a fraud. Most advanced ET races can project any version of a body they want into our mind, and they can appear as any form they want. If we see a Blue Bird that doesn't mean we are looking at a Blue Bird. That doesn't make Corey Goode a fraud. He is just reporting on what he is seeing. 

This is a Matrix simulation, and we control which timeline we go on. We need to turn this entire show into a positive energy focus point, not a negative one. Obviously the controllers would love for us to just ignore the show and spew negative hatred towards it. We create our own reality. If you are projecting bad thoughts towards this show, you are creating a negative outcome, for no reason, other than satisfy the ego.

Many, many other people have said the exact same things that Corey has said. Phil Schneider was murdered for talking about this, but the timing wasn't right, and he didn't have the public exposure necessary for protection.

I find it strange that anyone with any level of intuition at all, could consider Corey to be a "fake" person. He is obviously not fake. All Humans can be implanted with fake memories, and all information that Humans teach to others can be wrong. About 99% of the stuff that we learn in school is inaccurate or incomplete or based on false mathematics, or false science, or false history. That does not make your teacher a "fraud." A good student asks important questions, then they go and do their own important research, to try to validate the things they are curious about. That is how all progress is made. We need to be researching, not lashing out.


Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries by William Mills Tompkins (Author) Paperback – December 9, 2015