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Hello, and welcome to Quantum Rebuild. I am a certified QHHT Hypnotherapist, trained by Dolores Cannon. I am located in Spokane, WA USA. This site will teach you about the basics of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) as a method of past life regression, and healing, created by Dolores Cannon through 45 years of hypnosis research and testing on thousands of people from all walks of life.

QHHT is considered the most powerful form of healing hypnosis there is available on the planet today. It has an unlimited potential to heal the mind, body and soul, if the client chooses to be healed. Also, anything of importance that has ever happened to you in this life or in another can be recalled. This is not the same type of hypnosis as "stage hypnotism."


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In QHHT Hypnosis, the client decides before the session what they are trying to remember, heal or achieve in their life. The hypnotherapist acts only to facilitate this by communication with the person's higher self, called the subconscious (SC). Although Dolores calls the higher self the SC, the communication is really occurring directly with the person's oversoul. Each person is connected in this lifetime to their oversoul, but they cannot always communicate directly with it. In QHHT you can communicate directly with the oversoul, which is connected to God mind, so there is no limit to what can be accessed, or healed. Very powerful indeed. White light healing energy is the energy used to heal, although many different energies can come through when needed. Protection is included in the induction process, and no client has ever been harmed during a QHHT session.

After thousands of sessions over many years, Dolores Cannon found that any Human physical or emotional problem can be healed, there are no limitations, except those which depend on Karma or other spiritual contracts which were decided before you came into this physical life.

Things that can be done with Quantum Healing Hypnosis:

1.) Healing physical problems, disease, pain, joint problems, memory and brain problems, hearing problems, eye problems, digestive disorders, muscle problems, nervous system problems, skin problems, allergies, phobias, back problems.

2.) Recovery of lost memories, ET abduction memory recall, traumatic event healing release, past life regression, past life questions, channeling of spirits, channeling of the deceased, channeling of animals. Correcting bad mind patterns, negativity, removing addictive behavior.

3.) Remote healing from your own body during the trance state, of other people and animals who you share a connection with. It is not necessary for them to undergo or even be in the same room as you to receive a gift of healing or help from you.

4.) Answers to questions that seem to have no answer. Through QHHT hypnosis you can ask any questions that you would like to ask, during a standard 2 hour session. You can ask anything that you feel is important to help you learn in this life. The answers come from what is popularly called the "Akashic records" which is simply a part of creation that has the answers to everything. Questions can be about relationships, the past, the present, the future, God, angels, ghosts, aliens, reincarnation, healing, your purpose in this life, or any question.

5.) You can also identify your correct life path, the one that is best suited to this incarnation you are experiencing here on the Planet Earth.

Answers and healing will be provided, unless it is decided that it will not benefit you at this time. Your SC will ultimately decide what comes through. Generally you will know if you are ready. If you aren't ready a session can be done again, later, when you are ready.

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This site is currently under construction. I am a hypnotherapist in training therefore I am presently only working with friends and family [my apologies]. This site will be updated at a later date accordingly.