Starseed Hypnosis

Starseeds are people who are not from Earth originally, but who are here temporarily on a mission, as a solider of light, truth, and healing on Earth, to counteract the manipulators who have violated the Law of Free Will in this Universe by lying to us, and offering deceptions. Deception is not in accordance with the Law of Free Will in this Universe, therefore help can be given to us, and that help is in the form of starseed souls who have traveled here to help Earth and to help the people of Earth become less Barbarian, and more Human. Humans have been given false templates of reality because their DNA has been modulated and manipulated by technology and that is not in accordance with free will. Not everyone is manipulated, but some people are, therefore starseeds come here to show people the truth, and they cannot be manipulated the same way that regular people can.

Starseeds can have hypnosis as well, and if you don't know if you are a starseed, and if you want to know the origin of your soul, QHHT hypnosis can help you identify the origins of your soul, and you can also figure out what type of place you originally came from. Some people have been star creators before this lifetime, or planet builders. Some people have been seeds, rocks, animals, aliens, or angelic creators. Some people used to live inside the Sun before coming here. All things are possible, and it doesn't appear that anything is unusual anymore, because more and more non-Human souls have come to change the planet. The Human souls are not displaced or lost, they are waiting to return to Earth slowly after the messes have been fixed on Earth, and when the Human souls come back, they will have a new template of reality that is better, and more honest, and that will give them a new timeline that is more positive and better for long term sustainability. The only way to fix Earth is really from the inside, by the brave starseed people on Earth.