Many of us have been stuck here for millenia, due to the artificial grid that is setup to trap our souls. In order to leave Earth you will need to consciously request that you be returned to Source, or to your original Soul Group.

Some parts of what I am about to say are not based on my direct first hand knowledge, because I have no memory of dying, or experiencing the reincarnation process. I can only tell you what I've learned through 15 years of research, performing QHHT past life regression hypnosis on Earth Humans and Non-Terestrial Humans (Starseeds), listening to many, many researchers, psychics, astral travelers, connecting many dots, and applying my own intuition, and emotional feeling. I never stop learning, therefore everything I say is open for interpretation. I would love to hear your feedback after you are done reading this. You can comment below, or email me directly by clicking on the "links" link above.

How can it be so hard for people to understand that we are reincarnated?

Birth marks that show up in a specific place on the body for no reason. Crippling headaches that have no cause. Severe pain in one spot on the body. Strong attraction to things we have never seen, or experienced in this lifetime, yet we are drawn to them with astounding passion. Severe, heart stopping phobias that don't seem to have any rational explanation. Beliefs about God, and the Universe, that we were inexplicably born with. A feeling of being drawn to a particular place on the Earth. Or maybe a feeling of being drawn to a particular place in the Stars. A feeling of not being Human. A feeling of being a warrior. Any feeling that doesn't match your present day Human life!

These are all symptoms of past life memories that are bleeding through into this life. A past life regression hypnosis therapy session can release all of these past life attachments, in a matter of minutes and completely fix your body, to restore it to a state of balance and vibrancy.

All Humans are suffering because we are forcefully reincarnated, given amnesia, and returned to Earth. Stop this cycle and you will solve the Matrix. Without conscious recall of our past lifetimes, we cannot identify the cause of trauma, so we cannot heal our trauma. In reality, most anomalous health problems are just anomalous past life memories that we are holding onto, and incapable of releasing.

Dolores Canon did hypnosis for 50 years and discovered that we all have a soul, we are reincarnated, and we can be healed of any problem, no matter how severe. She invented a method of instant healing. By discovering our past life attachments, and how they create major problems in the body, she eventually learned how to completely reprogram the subconscious mind, and could literally heal anything, whether related to a past life, or not.

Our world cannot be healed until people understand that we are all reincarnated souls, and the soul reincarnation process is tightly controlled by artificial intelligence, and spirit guides, both good and bad. The good ones won't help unless you specifically ask. And very few of us realize how important it is to ask for help, and to set boundaries.

Without understanding reincarnation, the Soul Matrix Machinery will return a person very quickly back to Earth, and they will never be capable of escaping. Only an awake person, who is prepared before the time of their death, will be able to escape the soul trap and the forced reincarnation that exists on this planet.

Our planet is a prison planet, because of reincarnation. Not only because we are physically enslaved. But with the false amnesia, caused by artificial erasure, our souls are also enslaved. There is way out: You simply ask to be returned to Source. Form that request in your mind, and demand it. If you do not want to stay here, then ask to be returned to Source.

Ask spirit guides to return you to Source. Ask Source to return you to Source. Demand that you are a sovereign being, and that you cannot be kept here. Do not listen to any spirit guides, until you have specifically asked them who they are, and what they are, and if they are working for the light.

From this point forward, you must ask every person, and every form of living consciousness, if they are working for the light. If you do not ask, you will not know who or what to trust. Ask the people you meet in dreams. Ask yourself now, if you are working for the light. It is always important to know the difference between light and dark. You get to choose which path you want to take. It is up to you. It is not up to anyone else. But you have to actually make the choice.

Upon your death, do not randomly enter any tunnels or go towards any white light, until you know exactly what it is, and where you are going. There is a version of a false white light, and that is the mechanistic, automated trap.

We cannot assume that our death is going to take us to "Heaven." The religious versions of Heaven are only setup to dissuade people away from requesting our return to Source. Source is infinity, love, and freedom, and it is the only true Heaven. You need to specifically ask for what you want, not leave it up to someone else to decide what is best. Start today, deciding where you want to go when you die.

Since most Humans have no preference for where they go when they die, most will be automatically processed by an autonomous technological system. Set a preference right now. Either ask to come back to Earth, back to your native Soul group in the stars, or ask to leave and return to Source. But do not go through life accepting no responsibility for your choice in your own reincarnation. This is how you solve the Matrix.


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